Last projects that I left my mark in their codes.

There are lots of projects which I took part in since 2013. Most of them have changed over time or they are not active in this moment. Also, I can't share some projects because employers don't want to share. That's why I did not list all of them here, but you can see my active projects below.

Twitter Following Track Bot

Aug 2021 - Present

Use this bot to track if any account started following other accounts. It's easy to use and you only need a Twitter developer account to start monitoring.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Websites Chrome Extension

Oct 2020 - Present

Keyboard shortcuts for actions of websites you use frequently. With Keyboard Shortcuts for Websites, you can define custom keyboard shortcuts for certain actions of websites you use frequently.

Ellipsis HTML Ellements

Aug 2020 - Present

Mini tool to align HTML elements along an ellipse or a part of an ellipse. So you can arrange your HTML items along an ellipse easily without using canvas or any complex math functions.

JS Service Wrapper

Jul 2020 - Present

A promise based collective service wrapper with queue support which totally works in browser and/or Node.js environment

Practical Front-End Projects

Feb 2020 - Present

Collection of practical front-end projects with pure Javascript, CSS, and HTML

Master Voc

Jan 2019 - Present

Vocabulary learning and practicing platform.

Arman Mandegar

Aug 2018 - Present

The website of Arman Mandegar international recruitment.

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