Last projects that I left my mark in their codes.

There are lots of projects which I took part in since 2013. Most of them have changed over time or they are not active in this moment. Also, I can't share some projects because employers don't want to share. That's why I did not list all of them here, but you can see my active projects below.

Ellipsis HTML Ellements

Aug 2020 - Present

Mini tool to align HTML elements along an ellipse or a part of an ellipse. So you can arrange your HTML items along an ellipse easily without using canvas or any complex math functions.

JS Service Wrapper

Jul 2020 - Present

A promise based collective service wrapper with queue support which totally works in browser and/or Node.js environment

Practical Front-End Projects

Feb 2020 - Present

Collection of practical front-end projects with pure Javascript, CSS, and HTML

Master Voc

Jan 2019 - Present

Vocabulary learning and practicing platform.

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